zaterdag 18 februari 2012

Busy... but pondering...

It’s been a while since my last post…

Now, as I sit down at my desk I can’t think about anything worth writing about.
I rephrase; I do (can) think about so damn many to write about that I don’t know where to start.
2012 already has proven itself to be very busy where it comes to me and my private life.
There is my day to day life as usual… BUSY as it is.

Not enough for me it seems …sigh… for I take on even more tasks.
Lately I’m kind of redesigning/rearranging our house… sort of… using the things we already own in a different manner; putting some order into the chaos my husband has been creating carefully to the last few years.
You would be surprised if you could see the effect… SMILE!

Well, I’m pleased how it turned out but worn out do to the workload.
The best thing is that even hubby, who was really bewildered at first, is starting to like the new order and seems to be thankful for it and all my affords, as well my determination to pull this idea of mine through.

Being busy with my hands and legs, my back (aching now) my thoughts are spinning  in a constant twirl about how to complete my daily tasks and the more fulfilling ponderings of my mind; things to write about maybe… to simply wonder about… to be amazed by…
But then, every night when I finally sit down to put all my thoughts into writing: BOOOOMMM… Nothing, my head goes blank.
Maybe I am just too tired to think of anything by than except my hurting feet, legs and back…

I am pleased and proud of what I am/we are achieving.

Well… let’s carry on!



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