zaterdag 3 december 2011

Coming full circle...

Now that this year, 2011, is gradually coming full circle my mind tends to wander back in time.
What was going on a year ago, where was I?
What stages did I go through this year? Did we go through as a family?
This year has been an eventful one… just like the one before and before that and that…
Sounds familiar?
Sometimes it seemed that there wouldn’t come an end to certain things that were troubling us;
but finally it did.
There has been this court thing…
The fight for the right to take care of my husband’s  son whom has been neglected by his birthmother for quite some time do to her own mental health issues.
A really sad process that went on for years and years.
My husband and I know each other (only) for four years now; we got married in September 2009.
The relationship between him and the child’s mother broke up about six and a halve year ago; so my getting involved with him had nothing to do with that.
Why am I telling this?
Well, his ex is jealous even to this day and tries to make people believe that I am the intruder.
As much too often the kid became her toy to play het power games with.
Whilst playing her dirty tricks she was more and more losing the grip on reality and on her own life.
Neglecting  the kid, herself and her household in the worst possible way; outrunning every attempt to get her help.
Finally there was no other way to insure the kids life and future than to take him in and go to court.
I could ware myself out by telling all the ins and outs here but what’s the use now?
The whole process went on for about three years; it was costly in every sense and painful for all who participated in it.
It finally came to a close and the boy’s future here with us is safe now.
There is a visitation arrangement for the mother.
Everything in the interest of the child is to be discussed with his mother but there will be a social worker present too.
No more endless discussions about nothing but her state of mind preventing her to take any normal, healthy decisions for the boy who’s a kid with a lot of special needs do to his Down Syndrome and autism.
Let’s make a very long story short; WE ARE PLEASED!!! THE KID IS SAFE NOW!
Well, in that sense 2011 turned out to be a very good year!
There are also my elderly parents whom I take care of… they were living across the country, some 260km away.
The distance became more and more of an obstacle because they’re growing need of help.
Finally, in the autumn of 2010, they moved cross country to come live with us.
The initial plan was to get them a senior citizen’s home, as close to our house as possible, in a few month of time… 
The housing agency promised us a suitable house for them in three to six month tops.
Well, it turned out to be just a bit more difficult.
Two weeks ago, after a wait of “only” thirteen and a halve month, they/we finally “got hold of the key” to a senior citizen’s house just across the street from our home. YES!!!
Now we are making the little house comfy for them… they are still living with us… fourteen month now!
I know that taking care of them won’t get easier but at least we will get some privacy back with mum and dad living in their own place.
Again… 2011 turned out to be a good year!
Of course…
Just like any other couple my husband and I went to our own up’s and downs too.
Mostly caused by the irritations the daily life as a family, going to all of the stuff I mentioned a few lines ago, brought to us… it spares no one I guess.
2011 finally brought us more strength, insights and the feeling of togetherness.
Together we get there!
2011 brought us new go’s and wishes also…
Well… a good thing I am sure!

About that some other time.

Most of the time I’m much too busy to blog a lot… I hope there will be some change there to make in the future but I can’t make any  promises just now, not to me and not to anyone else.
Wait and see…

I wish the best to all of you who’ll  reed this, the best for the last few days of 2011 and the very best for the soon coming new year.

Greetings to all of you,


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  1. Hi Gaabs! Life would be boring if not for the challenges that we faced. But with patience, everything will work out. So happy that you've found a home for your parents close to your home.

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