woensdag 26 oktober 2011

Is ADHD the culprit...?

For a few days now I’m a follower of the Blog ADHD is the culprit!

After I have been reading there for a while and commenting to a few posts I couldn’t help myself…
I had to send a personal email.

For it came to my mind that there must be a lot more persons on Blogger that in one way or another have to deal with ADHD, I’ve decided to post the letter, I send to the owner of the Blog mentioned at the top of this post, here too.

I hope that anyone who reads this can get a better picture of ADHD and the persons who have to deal with it.

Here comes the letter:

Hi there,

At first let me tell you who I am…

I’m Gabi BK from Blogger, my name is Gabi (Gabrielle) Bakker-Kuessner, I’ll be 42 years old in about 3 weeks from now, I’m a woman, I live in the Netherlands and…
I ‘m a person with adhd too.
I’m happily married and the caregiver to a household of 5 + a whole lot of four legged friends
(27… no joke; I ‘m not counting in the fish in the garden pond).

My husband has adhd too (again… I’m not joking); his son, whom I take care of, is a child with Down Syndrome and autism; my parents, who also live with us, are both in need of constant attention too.

I hope you’re not in a state of choke now…

Considering all of this we are still a good functioning family; and if I may say so myself…
I’m the “manager” of this whole tribe. Adhd or not! ☺

Why do I tell you this?

I’m a follower of your Blog “ADHD IS THE CULPRIT!

I sincerely hope I’m not offending you by saying that by reading your blog I get the impression that you have a quite negative look on adhd.

Well… I know that there are no two persons alike one another and for that, there are no two persons with adhd alike one another too.

But… yes that’s one of those BUT…

I think it could really help you and your kid to look at the disorder not only as a disorder but rather as a special gift for that’s what it can turn out to be too.

It is to me and even more to my husband.

Please don’t look at the negative site of adhd only, don’t do that to yourself…

I went to some periods of coaching, learning how to cope and how to present myself, how to “behave” in different situations without losing my personality.
I really can function as an adult and responsible person, also I have learned to place myself into someone else too.
I guess I’m fully entitled to say that I’ve turned out just fine just being me.
For several years I was on meds (methylphenidate and stuff) just to find out that the stuff made me function and feel worse…

I’m back to being me without meds and, thanks to coaching and growing up, I’m perfectly o.k. the way I am.

Hopefully this email of mine can give you some good hope.

Look at the bright site… see the creativeness, the fantasy, the spirit and wit of your child;
trust him or her and things will turn out o.k.

I think that by allowing your son or daughter to be the way he or she is; guiding the kid but not suffocating you can be THE BEST person in his life.

Please give yourself room to breathe and don’t let schoolteachers or doctors drive you crazy.

With lots of best wishes…


Gabi Bakker-Kuessner

I hope I have offended no one by speaking my mind out loud about any of this.

Gretings to all,


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